Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions are with respect to the order form, which is an invitation to treat. Therefore being an offered, Danamco Consultants has the capacity to reject any order with full refund of fees to the customer irrespective of the placement of an order by the customer. In case of rejection, Danamco Consultants will confirm its rejection within 24 hrs. Otherwise the agreement is binding.

The terms and conditions constitute a complete agreement between Danamco Consultants and a customer who decides to use the products and services of Danamco Consultants. The customer agrees to hold a full responsibility for accepting and adhering to the Terms and Conditions stated below in this document. By accessing Danamco Consultants website the customer agrees to entirely adhere to the policies posted on the website.

If Danamco Consultants changes and revises the terms and conditions of this agreement, or any other policy or procedure, these changes will be posted on the website and become compulsory for the customer at once. The customer is responsible for keeping informed about any updates.


Danamco Consultants offers diverse products and services presented in the form of written works to its customers. The customer should acknowledge that such products are the property of Danamco Consultants that is being protected by intellectual propriety regulations and current copyright law. Products ordered by the customer should be used only as examples of the similar works that the customer is producing initially. The customer agrees to follow the policy of Danamco Consultants that no product received by the customer from Danamco Consultants will be submitted without being appropriately referenced. The customer agrees to abstain from using the products of Danamco Consultants for commercial goals, since violation of the respective law will result in the legal action of the customer. Danamco Consultants does not further plagiarism or cheating.


The customer will not hold Danamco Consultants accountable of any legal actions or other unfavorable consequences that may occur as a result of customer's mistreatment of Danamco Consultants products and services. The customer subsequently agrees to defend Danamco Consultants in case Danamco Consultants is accused of any legal actions. If the customer violates any of the regulations of this agreement total indemnification is applicable.